Help crops grow healthier, larger, and greener
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What's good 

about GroAloe?

GroAloe, when used on crops, has been proven to:
Help crops grow healthier, larger, and greener
Not alter the genetic makeup of plants
Utilize its nutrient and water supply more effectively and with less stress
Be 100% organic and chemical-free

Proven Results

GroAloe has been proven effective on a variety of crops around the world, including:
Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Crops
Grain Crops
Tree Fruits
Bush Fruits
Wine Grapes
Coffee Beans
Nut Crops
Tea Bushes
Cocoa Trees
Dragonfruit Trees
Turf Grass

What our clients

say about us.

A Chemical-Free Solution

for Increasing Your Crop’s Yield

GroAloe is a 100% Aloe product that helps improve soil conditions and makes crops easier to grow. Its unique selling point is its lack of harmful chemicals – making it accessible for even the most stringent organic growers. Comprised of a single ingredient – Aloe Vera – GFC helps promote chelatin in the soil, increasing nutrient availability in a plant’s root system.
  • Help crops grow healthier, larger, and greener

  • Made of 100% freeze-dried Aloe Vera gel

  • Eco-friendly protection against insects, mold, yeasts, and bacterial/viral pathogens

  • Increased nutrient and moisture utilization, due to lignins in aloe vera

  • Repels but doesn’t kill bees or other beneficial insects

  • Never alters the genetic makeup of plants and crops

Our Vision Statement

Our VISION is Your Health. We want to make the global food supply healthier using GrowFullCircle, our effective, chemical-free soil amendment solution.



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